How to register/update your Mobile Number in Aadhar Card

By Varghese David

The introduction of Aadhar Card has changed the way we deal with the Government & our banks. Aadhar Number is a basic requirement for most of the government-related benefits. You can take example of NPS, EPFO, Income Tax, PAN Card, Government Pensions, LPG Subsidy, etc. All these services are now shifting majorly towards Aadhar requirement. To avail these services properly, it is not enough to just have Aadhar Card. You must register your mobile number in your Aadhar Card as most of these services work through verification of OTP. To receive OTP, your mobile number must be registered in your Aadhar Card. For those without mobile number registration in Aadhar Card, I will share the process of how to register your mobile number in Aadhar Card.

Can I register online in the UIDAI Portal?
As per the prevailing rules, you cannot register your Mobile Number online. The only information of your Aadhar Card you can update online is your address. For all other changes/updates in Aadhar Card, you have to visit the nearest Permanent Enrolment Centre of UIDAI.

Steps to register/update your Mobile Number in Aadhar Card
Locate your nearest Permanent Enrolment Center. To find the location of the nearest Permanent Enrolment Center, you can search for the nearest location using the following link:
Go to your nearest Permanent Enrolment Center and ask for the Correction Form to add the Mobile Number in Aadhar Card. You have to fill up the form and submit it back along with required documents. You can download the PDF Version of the form here:
The list of required documents to update the Aadhar Card have been mentioned in the Aadhar Enrolment Correction Form issued to you. You can also check the list of documents required in the following link:
Please note that you have to carry the original Aadhar Card including your original Supporting documents with you.
At the time of submitting the Form along with required documents, the representative at the Enrolment Centre will scan your original documents. He will also verify your finger print through the Biometric System.
You will have to pay a nominal fees of Rs. 25/- to register your mobile number in Aadhar Card at the time of submitting the application.
The Enrolment Centre representative will issue a Receipt with the URN (Update Request Number). You will be able to track the status of your Aadhar Card online using the URN No. Keep it safe.
That’s it. You will receive your new Aadhar Card within 25-30 days after submitting the Update Request.
Benefits of registering your Mobile Number in Aadhar Card
You can withdraw your PF online without anyone’s help through the EPFO Portal if your Mobile Number is registered in Aadhar Card. At the time of applying for withdrawal of the PF amount, you will receive an OTP on the mobile number registered in Aadhar Card. You have to enter the OTP online while submitting the form.
There are around 35 Direct Benefit Transfer Scheme of the Government which you can avail (if applicable) if the registration of mobile number in Aadhar Card is done.
You will not be able to file Income-Tax Return if your Aadhar Card is not linked with your PAN Card. To link your PAN Card with Aadhar Card, you have to verify your mobile number through OTP. You will receive OTP your registered mobile number during the linking process.
For ticket-booking on IRCTC, you can book 12 tickets in a month if you are Aadhar-verified in the IRCTC portal. Without registered mobile number, you will not be able to avail this facility.
There are many other benefits. The benefits will keep on increasing in future as the government will be launching many more Aadhar-enabled services.

So, do not wait. If you have not registered your mobile number in Aadhar Card, do it now. I have explained in the detail about the process on how to register mobile number in Aadhar Card. If you have any doubts, please feel free to let me know in the comments section.

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