How to Become a Satellite Technician

Do you want to become a Satellite Technician?

I will share all the necessary information you need to pursue a career as Satellite Technician.

Who is a Satellite Technician?
A Satellite Technician is the person who installs and maintains the Satellite Dishes on your building. As a Satellite Technician, you have to:

Install Satellite Dishes
Maintain Satellite Dishes
Upgrade the spare parts of Satellite Dishes
Resolve complaints/queries of the customers
To be honest, the job of a Satellite Technician is physically very demanding. You will have to travel extensively around your designated area, climbing stairs and buildings to ensure that your customers enjoy uninterrupted TV service. You should have hands-on experience in handling electrical equipments.

What is the qualification to become a Satellite Technician?
Typically, a Satellite Technician has the following educational qualifications:

Certificate in Electrical Technology Installations
Degree in Electrical Technology Installations
However, if you are an expert in your field, the qualification might not be an hindrance to getting a job as Satellite Technician.

What are the Skills you need to become a Satellite Technician?
The job of a Satellite Technicial involves dealing with the customer’s problem at their place. So, in additional to the educational qualification, you should have the following skills to help you in your job:

Excellent Communications Skill is necessary to deal with different types of customers. Whenever required, you should be able to communicate in non-technical language with customers to make them understand the problem and its solutions.
You should be the expert in the technical aspects of your job. You should also be able to solve the customer’s problem based on your expertise.
How much can you expect to earn after becoming a Satellite Technician?
The salary of a Satellite Technician, like any other job, depends on the qualification, skill and experience of the person. The average salary of Satellite Technician is about USD 16 per hour. The lowest salary earning is about USD 8 per hour which can go up to USD 24 on the higher end.

Is becoming a Satellite Technician a good choice?
To be honest, the use of Satellite TV is on decline after the introduction of Smart TVs. The online options to watch TV at a lower cost is making people switch from Satellite TV to Online TV content. So, the jobs related to Satellite Technician will diminish with the passage of time as more and more people switch to online. In such case, it is important to weigh the pros & cons before choosing the career as a Satellite Technician.

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