How to close HDFC Bank Account

Are your looking to close your HDFC Bank Account? HDFC Bank offers varied services to its customers including Savings Account, Current Account, Overdraft Account, Home Loans, Business Loans, SME Loans and many more. If you have a bank account in HDFC Bank, you have to follow certain procedures to close your bank account. I will provide you the step-by-step guide here on how to close HDFC Bank Account.

Step-by-step Procedure to close your HDFC Bank Account
The procedure to close your HDFC Bank Account is as follows:

Open your browser and enter url – and find “Accounts Closure Form” link and click on it.
Save the Account Closure Form on your PC and print it.
Fill up the Account Closure Form providing the reason for closure of Bank Account.
Submit the Account Closure Form to the executive at the Branch along with your Pass-book, Cheque-book, Credit Card, Debit-Card, etc.
The Bank Executive will verify your information before accepting the Account Closure Form.
After acceptance of your Account Closure Form by HDFC Bank, the Customer Care Executive will call in a few days to ask for confirmation of closing of the account. On receiving your confirmation, Bank Account will be closed successfully.
HDFC Bank Account Closure Form
For your convenience, I am sharing the HDFC Bank Account Closure Form here. You can download the Account Closure Form and use it for your required purpose.

Closing HDFC Bank Account with Negative Balance
The procedure for closing HDFC Bank Account remains the same as explained above. The only difference is that if you have a Negative Balance in your bank account, the bank will try to collect the negative balance amount from you before closing the account. You need not worry. As per the RBI guidelines, the customer is not required to pay any amount below the zero balance, i.e. any negative balance, to the bank at the closing the account. So, if the bank asks for any money from you, you should refuse to make any payment. If the bank insists, you have to be firm and tell them that they do not close the account now, the account will become dormant in two years and finally, the bank will be forced to close the bank account.

Once the bank agrees to close the account without making any payment of negative balance, you have to follow the account closing procedure as explained earlier.

If you have any query regarding HDFC Account Closing Process, please share your concerns in the comments section.

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