How Air Cooler works without Water

By Varghese David

Let me provide the answer to the question “How Air Cooler works without Water” in the first line itself. You need water to get cool air from the Air Cooler. If you don’t provide water to the Air Cooler, it will function as a basic fan only. The cooler works on the process of evaporation only and water is the basic requirement for evaporation to happen.

How Air Cooler Works
Air coolers give you cool air by evaporating water filled in the tank of the air cooler. The air-coolers are mostly built in a box-type enclosure which consists of a fan, wet pads and a filter. The hot air from the fan is blown through the wet pads due to which the water evaporates. The evaporation leads the cooler to release humid cool air. The continuous evaporation of water for long time in the air cooler brings down the temperature of the room. So, you get to feel the cool air in your room.

Why would the air cooler not work without water?
As I stated earlier in this post, the process of the air cooler starts by taking in hot air from the surroundings. The hot air converts tin to cool air by evaporating the water through the evaporative pads in the air cooler. Without water in the Air Cooler, there will be no evaporation and the air cooler will release hot air only. Obviously, it doesn’t make any sense to use the Air Cooler as a fan.

If you want to know how Air Cooler works without water, you should remember that Air Cooler without water can function as a normal fan and will no be able to give cool air.

For an Air Cooler to give cool air, the water is a necessary requirement and you cannot do away with it as long as we use the evaporative coolers or swamp coolers or desert coolers.

Important Information
There are many companies offering Air Cooler without Water. Please beware of them as the Air Cooler they are offering does not provide cool air. It is just a fan. Don’t fall for it.

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