How to use Paytm

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Paytm is a digital payment App through which you can make online payment transfers to your friends & family, recharge your mobile/DTH/Data Card, utility bill payments, book movies, events, flight tickets, train tickets, bus tickets, hotels, cars, bikes, online shopping and you can use it as a payment gateway on many other websites, too.

Benefits of using Paytm
Paytm makes life easy by enabling payment of Mobile/DTH/Data Card Recharge, Utility Bills, Movies-Booking, Flight, Train & Bus Ticket Bookings, Hotel-Bookings, LIC Premium Payments, etc. which you can pay sitting in the comfort of your home.
You receive frequent cashback on Mobile/DTH/Data Card Recharge, Utility Bill Payments & for other payments as well which is extra savings for you.
With Paytm, keep yourself updated on the ongoing events in your city through their event-booking facility.
You get lot of cashback and free offers on daily/weekly/monthly basis in the My Offers section of the Mobile App
How to open a Paytm Account
Download the Paytm App on your Mobile through PlayStore/AppStore
Once installed, open the App to create your account.
You will see a “Create a New Account” option. Please tap on it.
In the new window, you will have to fill up the Mobile Number, Password & Email Address to sign up for the Paytm Account. Please fill up the required details and tap on the “Create a New Account” button.
You will receive OTP for verification on your Mobile Number. Please enter the OTP that you have received on your mobile and top on “Submit” button.
Enter your First Name, Last Name & DOB. Please ensure that you enter the correct information exactly as mentioned in your ID Proofs like Aadhaar/PAN Card to avoid problems in future.
After filling up the required details, please tap on the “Create Account” button.
You Paytm Account is ready.
Adding Money in your Paytm Wallet
You have created your account in Paytm and now, you want to use it to make payment for Mobile Recharge or to pay the utility bills. The first thing you would need to do is to add money to your wallet through which you will be able to make the payment for any services you avail on Paytm. Let’s find out the way to add money in your Wallet:

You have to tap on the “Paytm Wallet” section in the App.
You will see the “Add Money” option on the screen. Please tap on it.
On the new screen, you will find the option to “Add Money to Paytm”. Please fill in the amount in INR that you would like to add to your Wallet.
After entering the amount, tap on “Add Money”.
There secure payment page will open where you will have to make the payment using your Debit Card / ATM Card / Credit Card / Net Banking / IMPS / UPI. Choose the appropriate option and fill in the required card details / net-banking login / UPI ID to make the payment.
After the payment is done, you will be redirected back to the Paytm and the amount paid by you will reflect as balance in the Paytm Wallet.
You have successfully added money in to your Paytm Wallet. Congratulations.
Let’s complete the KYC
As per the new RBI guidelines, KYC of Mobile Wallets is mandatory. So, you have to complete the KYC for your Paytm Account as per the prevailing regulations. The process to complete the KYC is as under:

Go to “Profile Settings” in the Paytm App & tap on it.
You will find an option “Complete your KYC”. Tap on it.
Your have to provide any one document – Passport No. / Voter ID Card No. /Driving License No. / NREGA Job Card No. You can provide the ID number of any one of the ID Proof given and tap on Submit
You have completed the Minimum KYC now and you can use the Paytm Wallet upto the limit of Rs. 10,000 per month and this minimum KYC will be valid for 18 months only. The expiry date of the KYC is shown in your Paytm App.
With minimum KYC, you can make payment to recharge, pay bills, book tickets, buy online, etc. but you cannot transfer the payment to your friends or famil or to any bank account. To enable payment transfers to friends, family or any other bank account, you will have to complete the full KYC process.

To complete the full KYC, the first thing you need to do is complete the minimum KYC and then, follow the process as under:

Go to Profile Setting in your Paytm App
Tap on the “Complete your KYC” option.
Select the “Complete your Full KYC & Unlock benefits” button.
Tap on the “At your Nearby KYC Point” option.
Select your preferable KYC Point & submit the KYC documents.
The KYC documents required are : 1. Pan Card and 2. Valid Address Proof (Passport / Driving License / Voter ID / NREGA Job Card / Aadhaar)
The KYC Point will process your documents in time and complete the Paytm Full KYC Process.
Benefits of Full KYC in Paytm
The wallet balance limit is increased to Rs. 1,00,000.
You can spend as much money as you want from your wallet. There is no limit.
You are allowed to transfer money to any bank account or any wallet as per your wish.
With the full KYC of Paytm, you can open your Paytm Payments Bank Saving Account if you want and no other KYC would be required.
How to use Paytm in the best way
The Paytm can be used to:

Use it to recharge mobile phones / DTH / Data Card
Pay postpaid mobile phone bills
Pay utility bills like electricity bills, gas bills, landline phone bills, etc.
Book movies / events
Book flight tickets, rail tickets & bus tickets
Books cabs & bikes
Shop products on Paytm Mall and other e-commerce sites.
Transfer payment to your friend, family or your other bank account and for many other things.
Use it as a payment gateway.
And much more.

  1. For Mobile Recharge or Mobile Post-paid Bill Payment:
    Tap on the “Paytm” logo in the App
    Tap on “Mobile Recharge”
    Enter your Prepaid or Postpaid Mobile Number
    For Prepaid users, tap on the “Browse Plans” option. Select the required plan and tap on the Fast Forward button if you wish to make the payment through Wallet or you can click on “Proceed to Recharge” if you wish to make the payment through Debit Card/Credit Card/Net Banking/UPI.
    For Post-paid users, enter the amount you wish to pay against your Post-paid bill and tap on the Fast Forward button if you wish to make the payment through Wallet or you can click on “Proceed to Recharge” if you wish to make the payment through Debit Card/Credit Card/Net Banking/UPI.
    Your recharge/bill payment is done.
  2. For DTH Recharge
    Tap on the “Paytm” logo in the App Screen
    Tap on DTH Icon
    Select the required DTH Operator
    Enter your registered mobile no. or subscriber ID.
    Enter the amount of Recharge
    Tap on the Fast Forward button if you wish to make the payment through Wallet or you can click on “Proceed to Recharge” if you wish to make the payment through Debit Card/Credit Card/Net Banking/UPI.
  3. For Electricity Bill Payments
    Tap on the “Paytm” logo in the App Screen
    Tap on Electricity Icon
    Go to the “Electricity Boards” option
    Select the relevant Electricity Company which you are using.
    Select the relevant District
    Enter your Service Number
    Tap on Proceed to see the Outstanding Bill and make the payment.
  4. To transfer money
    Go to “My Passbook” section in the Paytm App
    You have to tap on the “Paytm Wallet”
    Tap on “Send Money to Bank”
    Tap on “Transfer”
    Enter the Amount to be transferred and the bank details to which payment is to be transferred
    Tap on “Confirm”
    Your payment is transferred. Congatulations.
    I hope the information on this topic will be useful to you. The best way to learn about how to use Paytm is to install the app and start using it. You will slowly figure out all its features. If you have any questions, please feel free to share in the comments section.

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