How to type Rupee Symbol in Excel

There are many Excel users who have this query regarding typing of rupee symbol in Excel. If you are an Excel user, you might also have had this problem sometime. The method to type rupee symbol in Excel is somewhat different when compared to the method we use in Microsoft Word.

I have prepared this guide for Excel users so that they can find out different ways to type Rupee Symbol in Excel. I have explained the methods in a very simple way for my readers.

METHOD #1 – Type Rupee Symbol in Excel by inserting Rupee Symbol in the cell
The steps to follow are as under:

Go to the cell of the Excel file where you want to insert Rupee Symbol
Now, click on “Insert” from the menu.
From the Insert Menu, select “Symbols”.
The Symbols window will open. You have to find and click on the Rupee Symbol ₹.
Now, you have to click on the “Insert” button in the Symbols window to insert the Rupee Symbol in your required cell.
You have successfully inserted rupee symbol in Excel.
METHOD #2 – Type Rupee Symbol in Excel as Prefix to the Number
You have to follow the steps below:

Go the cell with the number to which you want to add Prefix with Rupee Symbol.
Right-click on that Cell and select “Format Cells”.
In the Format Cells window, you have to select the “Number” tab.
In the “Number” tab, select category “Currency”.
In the right side of the categories, you will see various options. Click on the drop-down field of “Symbol” and select “₹” symbol.
Now, click on “Ok” button.
You have successfully prefixed Rupee Symbol against the number in your required cell.
METHOD #3 – Type Rupee Symbol in Excel by making Rupee as default currency
In this method, you have to change your Windows OS Settings. The steps are as follows:

Go to Control Panel of your Windows OS.
Click on “Clock and Region”
Now, click on “Region”. You will have the option to change date, time or number formats. Click on “Additional Settings” and select “Customize Format”
Click on the “Currency” tab and change the “Currency Symbol” to “₹“.
You have successfully changed your default currency to “₹“.
I hope the above methods will help you in typing Rupee Symbol in Excel easily. If you have any feedback, please share in the comments section.

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