How to increase Jio speed using APN, VPN and other methods

The millions of mobile users have subscribed to Jio after its commercial launch in 2016. Reliance Jio changed the telecom market by bringing down the calling charges to zero and the internet charges to bare minimum. After the launch of Jio in 2016, Jio users experienced consistently high speed on the Jio network while using internet. But, as the number of Jio customers grew, the effect of load on the Jio network was palpable and Jio speed suffered because of it. Now, you would find many Jio customers complaining about the low Jio speed. I will share with you few methods on how to increase Jio speed on your mobile.

Things you must know before applying methods to increase Jio speed
I must put a disclaimer before sharing these methods that some method might work and some might not even work considering the Jio network situation. You will find many such tricks on different websites and most of them don’t work. I am just sharing with you maximum possible tricks in this post, so if you are lucky, your Jio speed might increase.

Before testing any of the methods that I am sharing with you, please install a Speed-Test app on your mobile to check the internet speed. With this app, you will be able to compare the internet speed on your mobile before applying the setting and after applying the new settings.

Moreover, it would be better to note down the old settings on a piece of paper before making any changes to the old settings to make it possible to revert back to your old settings if the new settings don’t work.

How to increase Jio Speed using APN Method
There are different APN Settings which you can configure to increase your Jio Speed. The problem is most of these settings are available in public. As most of the people start using the same settings, the effect of increase in speed is nullified . Anyways, I will share these methods and hope that it helps you:

To use this method, you will have to first find the APN Settings in your mobile. Normally, the path for APN Settings will be SETTINGS > SIM CARDS & MOBILE NETWORKS > JIO (Your Jio SIM) > ACCESS POINT NAMES.

You already have one saved APN Settings on which your phone is now running. We will create a new APN and apply it on your phone to check if the speed is increasing. If the speed does not increase, you have to revert back to the old APN. Let’s see how we can create a new APN.

Go to “Access Point Names” located in your phone.
Click on the “New APN” option to create New APN Settings.
Now, you will have to fill up the required details in the given fields.
First of all, give a name to your New APN. You can name it anything different than your old APN Name. I will name it “Jio LTE”.
Next will be APN field, enter “JioNet” in it.
In the Proxy, Port, UserName & Password fields, don’t enter anything and keep it “Not Set”.
In the Server field, enter “”
Do not enter anything in the MMSC Proxy and MMSC Port fields. Keep it “Not Set”.
Keep the values in the MCC & MNC fields as it is. Do not make any changes. If you change the value in these fields, your APN Settings will not work.
In the Authentication Type field, enter “PAP”.
In the APN Type, keep it “Not Set”.
You should select the option ” IPv4/IPv6″ in the APN Protocol and APN Roaming Protocol Fields.
In the Bearer field, unselect the “Unspecified” option and select LTE, HSPAP & GPRS from the options given.
Save the APN with the above settings.
Select this APN Settings for your mobile phone.
Check the internet speed.
How to increase Jio Speed using VPN
I cannot vouch for this method simply because Jio has started blocking VPNs and Proxies on their network to prevent viewing of porn sites on their network. Anyways, I will share this method hoping it will be useful to you.

  1. Using Snap VPN
    You have to follow the below steps:

Download Snap VPN from Playstore.
Open the Snap VPN App.
Find the list of countries with the highest signal strength.
Connect the location with the highest signal strength.
Try connecting repeatedly if you find problems in connection.
Once connected, check your internet speed.

  1. Using Speedify VPN
    Please follow the below steps:

Download Speedify VPN app from Playstore.
Open the Speedify App.
Find the nearest location to connect.
Connect to the nearest location.
Check your internet speed.

  1. Using Proton VPN
    Just follow these steps:

Downloand Proton VPN app from Playstore.
Open the Proton VPN App
Find the nearest location to connect in the App.
Connect to the near location.
After connecting, check your internet speed.
How to increase Jio Speed using Download Accelerators
As you can increase your download speeds on PC using download accelerators, there are apps which can do the same in your mobile. I will share the two most used Download Accelerator which will help boost your internet speed on Jio network.

  1. Using Advanced Download Manager (ADM)
    Get ADM on your mobile and increase the Jio speed with following steps:

Go to Google Playstore and search for Advanced Download Manager (ADM).
Download and install ADM app on your mobile.
Open the in-built browser in the ADM app.
Enter the URL of the website you want to open.
You will notice the difference in the speed instantly. Please check the internet speed for comparison.
You will get increase in speed while browsing websites and downloading files using this app.

  1. Using Internet Download Manager (IDM)
    IDM works in the same way as ADM. Please follow the below steps:

Go to Google Playstore and search for Internet Download Manager (IDM).
Download and install the Internet Download Manager (IDM).
Open the in-built browser in the IDM app.
Enter the url of the website you have to open.
Check the internet speed and compare it with your old speed.
IDM allows you to browse at a higher speed and also download the files at a higher speed.
There are methods which you can find on internet like changing band, etc. which might help you in increasing the speed but it will not work for long time and it also poses a risk to your mobile by fixing the band. So, it is advisable to resist from changing the band of your phone.

Nobody can guarantee increase in the speed using any method because the speed is dependent on the network of Jio. Jio is infamous for throttling speeds on their network. So, we can only find temporary ways like mentiond above to boost Jio speed.

Please let us know your feedback on the above methods on how to increase Jio speed – whether the method worked or not.

If you are interested, you can read this post on how to check Jio balance.

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