How to delete WhatsApp Group permanently

You are looking for how to delete WhatsApp Group permanently, right?

Being part of several WhatsApp Groups to keep yourself updated is a craze for many mobile phone users these days.

It might be the case that you have yourself created a number of WhatsApp Groups for family, friends, colleagues and what not.

Now, you are sick of many of these WhatsApp Groups and you want to get rid of some of them.

Let’s see how we can do that.

Let’s first remove ourselves from the groups which we do not control.

How to delete WhatsApp Group of which you are not an Admin
There may be WhatsApp groups where you’ve become a member voluntarily, but you are not much of a participant.

There also might be groups that made you member without your consent.

Let’s get rid of it.

You just have to follow these steps:

Open your WhatsApp
Tap on the group that you want to delete
Tap on the Group Name on the Top Bar of the group.
You have opened the “Group Info”.
In the bottom of the “Group Info”, you will see the button “Exit Group”. Tap on it.
Select the “Exit” option to confirm the exit.
Now, since you have exited the group, you can find the option to “Delete Group”
Tap on the “Delete Group” option.
Select the “Delete” option to confirm the delete.
It’s important to note that since you are not the admin of this group, you have only removed yourself from the group and deleted the contents of the group from your mobile phone.

Deleting the group on your phone as a participant removes all chat history from your phone.

But, the group still exists (not on your phone).

Now, is there any group where you are the Group Admin and want to delete such WhatsApp Group?

Let’s find out how a Group Admin can delete the WhatsApp Group.

How to delete WhatsApp Group permanently if you are the Group Admin
You have created a WhatsApp Group some time back and it lies dead in your phone as there is no activity in the group.

What would be the best thing to do with such group?

Delete it, right?

So, why wait? Let’s start.

Open your WhatsApp.
Tap on the group you want to get rid of.
Tap on the Group name mentioned on the top bar of the app screen.
The “Group Info” will open.
You will see the list of members of the group.
Delete all the members one by one. Hard work, right?
To delete the member, you have to Press and Hold on the name of the member to be deleted.
You will see the option to “Remove”. Select it.
After deleting all the members, you have to tap on the “Exit Group” option found on the bottom of the “Group Info”.
You will have to tap again on the “Exit” button to confirm the exit.
After exiting the group, you will see the option to “Delete Group” in place of “Exit Group”. Tap on it.
You will have to tap again on the “Delete” button to confirm the deletion of the WhatsApp group.
Someone just complained that his group has many members and asked for an alternate way to delete the members.

Unfortunately, there is no shortcut.

You have to delete each member one by one.

And what if I delete the group right away without deleting members.

The WhatsApp group will not die.

The group will remain active as long as all the members are not removed.

Your surrendered Admin rights will be randomly assigned to any existing member of the group and the group will continue to function.

I don’t want to be the Admin anymore
You have raised your WhatsApp group like a baby and the baby has grown big.

But, you don’t have time to take care of this baby now.

Why not resign & hand it to somebody who is interested?

Being an admin of your WhatsApp group, you have the power to make any group member the Admin of the group.

Would you like to know how?

Open your WhatsApp
Open the group for which you want to assign Admin
Tap on the Group Name on the top-bar of the group.
In the “Group Info” section, find the member who you would like to make the Admin of the Group.
Press and Hold on the name of the person and from the options given, choose “Make Group Admin”.
You have created a new Group Admin.
Now, you want to get rid of the group.
Press and hold on the your own name and from the option given, choose “Remove me”.
You have removed yourself from the Admin-ship of the group.
Now, you already know the stops to remove yourself from the group.
I have already explained it in the beginning of this post.
Is there anything more you would like to know, feel free to comment.

Since you have learnt how to delete WhatsApp Group, give it a try.

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