How to delete Paytm Account

There are lot of people who have Paytm Account and does not use it. Many of these people don’t know how to delete Paytm Account. I am writing this post to explain the various options available to close/delete the Paytm Account.

Things you must know before closing/deleting Paytm Account
There are few things you must check before closing/deleting Paytm Account to ensure that you do not lose anything during the process:

Check if you have any balance in your account and transfer it to your bank account.
Check if you have completed the KYC process as it would be required to transfer the money in your Paytm Account to your Bank Account. KYC will also help in deleting your Paytm Account easily.
After you close your Paytm Account, you will not be able to login to your Paytm Account using your mobile number or login id.
Paytm stores all the record related to the transactions done by you through your Paytm Account for 10 years after deletion of your Account as per requirement of the PMLA (Prevention of Money Laundering Act) rules. The data stored by Paytm cannot be shared with any third-party other than the government-agencies authorized by law whenever required.
There is no option to close/delete your account directly through Paytm App or Paytm Website. The only possible way to close your account is by contacting the Paytm directly.
Ways to delete your Paytm Account
As I mentioned earlier, the only way to delete the Paytm Account is to contact Paytm directly and request them to delete your account. Now, there are various means of communications which you can use to contact Paytm. We will discuss it one by one.

  1. Using Customer Care Helpline
    Call the Paytm Customer Care on their Helpline No. 0120-4456-456 and request them to close your Paytm Account permanently. You will be required to provide your Paytm Account details (excluding password) during the call. Please record the name of the Customer Care Representative, Ticket No., etc. to contact again if your problem is not solved.
  2. Using Paytm Website
    Visit and click on ” 24×7 Help” link provided on the top-most right corner of the homepage.
    In the “Help us understand your concern” section, click on the “My Account” option.
    From the options provided in “Select your issue category” section, click on the “I need to permanently close/delete my account.”
    Go to “Select your issue” section, click on the appropriate reason for closing/deleting your account.
    Click on “Message Us” button in the bottom of the “Our Suggestion” section and fill up the required information and submit the form.
    Paytm will contact you within 72 hours to follow up with the process after you submit the form.
  3. Using Paytm App
    Open your Paytm App
    Go to “24×7 Help” in the Menu
    Click on the “Profile Settings” option
    Select “I need to permanently close/delete my account.”
    Select the appropriate reason from the options given.
    Click on “Message Us”
    Fill up the required information and submit the form.
  4. Using email
    This is an easy method where you just have to send an email to Paytm’s customer care email address, i.e. [email protected]. You have to write your request in detail with your account details providing the reason for deleting the account. The Paytm Customer Care representative will contact you to follow up with the process of deleting the account as per your requirement.

I hope that this post will help people who are looking for ways to delete their Paytm Account. I request you to please share your feedback in the comments section.

If you do not have Paytm Account, I have written a detailed post on how to open and use Paytm Account. Please check it out.

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