How to convert DGPA to CGPA

By Varghese David

There are many students who get confused while converting DGPA to CGPA. They don’t know how to convert DGPA to CGPA. I will share with your simple method by which you can convert DGPA to CGPA very easily.

What is DGPA?
The full form of DGPA is Degree Grade Point Average. The DGPA Grade System is used by Maulana Abul Kalam University of Technology (MAKAUT). Since most of the universities are using the CGPA Grade System, the pass-outs of West Bengal University of Technology have to convert their DGPA score to CGPA score for different purposes.

What is CGPA?
CGPA is the standard scoring system in most of the universities . It stands for Cumulative Grade Point Average. It is used to measure the overall academic performance of students in educational institutes.

How to convert DGPA to CGPA?
As per the calcuation system shared by MAKAUT, the calculation of percentage based on grading system of MAKAUT is as provided in the letter below:

Based on the above letter, the formula derived for calculation of percentage is as follows:

(DGPA – 0.75) * 100 = Percentage

For example, if you have got 8.25 DGPA as per MAKAUT Scoring System, your percentage will be (8.25-0.75)*100 = 75%.

How to convert DGPA to CGPA Online
I hope this post helps all MAKAUT students in converting DGPA to CGPA without much difficulty.

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