How to Connect Sony TV with WiFi

By Varghese David

Connecting your Sony TV with your WiFi connection is a very simple process. I will share the step-by-step methods to connect your Sony TV to WiFi in this simple easy-to-follow guide.

What you should know about your Sony TV
Sony TV connects to your WiFi connect in two different ways depending on the model of your TV. Some Sony TV models come with built-in wireless LAN and there are some models which will need a Wireless LAN adapter. You should check your TV manual to find out if your TV has a built-in Wireless LAN or not. If you don’t have built-in Wireless LAN, you will need an Wireless LAN adapter to connect your Sony TV to WiFi.

Steps to connect Sony TV with WiFi
It is a very simple & straight-forward method to connect your Sony TV to WiFi. It is almost similar to the one which we use to connect our smartphone to WiFi. The steps have been detailed below:

Switch on your WiFi Router and connect it to the internet.
Switch on your Sony TV.
Press the “Home” button on your Sony TV Remote control.
Select “Settings” on the Screen using the arrow keys of your Sony TV Remote Control.
Select “Preferences” using your Remote Control. If you don’t find “Preferences” on the TV Screen, select “Network” or “Network Set-up”.
If you selected “Preferences” in Step 5, select “Set-up” and then, select “Network”. Next, you have to select “Network Set-up” or “Set-up Network Option” whichever option is displayed on your TV screen.
If you selected “Network” in Step 5, select “Network Set-up” and then, select “Setup Network Connection”.
If you selected “Network Set-up” in Step 5, select “Setup Network Connection”
Select “Auto” and then, select “Wireless LAN”. If you don’t see the “Auto” option, you can select “Wireless LAN” directly.
The available wireless networks will be displayed on your TV Screen. Select your WiFi Network.
Enter your WiFi Password using the on-screen keyboard.
Select “Continue”.
Select “Save & Connect”.
Finally, you have to select “OK”.
You have successfully connected your Sony TV to WiFi
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The steps explained above may vary slightly based on the TV model that you own. Still, you would be easily able to navigate the process of connecting your Sony TV to WiFi using the above steps.

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