How to change name in Aadhar Card

Aadhar Card has become a very important document in India. All government organizations, banks, institutions, etc. accept the Aadhar Card as Identity Proof as well as Address Proof. You also require the Aadhar Card to avail government benefits, subsidies, pension, etc. So, it has become very important to ensure that the information in your Aadhar Card is fully correct and there is no discrepancy in it. I am writing this post for those who want to know how to change name in Aadhar Card if there is some mistake in the current name in your Aadhar Card.

There are many articles on the internet which claim that name in the Aadhar Card can be updated online through the UIDAI portal. But, now, it is no longer possible to update the name in Aadhar Card online. You have to visit the nearest enrolment centre to make any changes in your Aadhar Card. The only information you can update online using Aadhar portal is your address. To update the address online, your Aadhar should have a registered mobile number to receive OTP during the updation process in the UIDAI portal.

Let’s understand the process to change name in Aadhar Card.

The only way to change your name in Aadhar Card
I have explained below the process step-by-step to change name in your Aadhar Card:

Locate the nearest Aadhar Permanent Enrolment Centre. If you already know the location of your nearest Centre, that’s really good. If you don’t know, you can search your nearest Permanent Enrolment Centre Location using the following link: Please make sure that you tick the “Show only permanent centres” while searching for the Enrolment Centre.
Once you have zeroed in on the location of your Enrolment Centre, please visit the Centre and ask the representative present there to provide the form for correction in Aadhar Card. You can also download the form here:
Fill up the form as per the given instructions and submit the form along with your Original Aadhar Card and other required documents to the representative at the Aadhar Enrolment Centre. You will find the list of required documents here:
They will put your fingerprint through their Biometric System for verification.
Once the process of submission of form and the verification of your fingerprint is complete, they will issue a receipt with the Update Request Number(URN).
You can use the URN No. to check the status of your Aadhar Card on the UIDAI Portal
You should receive the updated Aadhar Card within 15-20 days. As per the regulations, UIDAI has provided the time-limit of 90 days for issue of Aadhar Card.
Important Points to note
You can update only your address online on the UIDAI portal.
You should keep the URN Receipt carefully with you. If you don’t receive the Aadhar Card within 25-30 days, you can go to the Enrolment Centre and ask for the reason for delay based on the URN Receipt.
You have to carry your original Proof of Identity & Proof of Address as it will be directly scanned by the personnel at the Enrolment Centre. Apart from the PoI & PoA, you should also carry your existing original Aadhar Card.
You can update your name only 4 times throughout your lifetime. So, please make sure that there is no error in your application form.
This is the latest process that you have to follow to change your name in Aadhar Card. If you still have any query, please feel free to share your concerns in the comments section. I would be grateful if you could also leave a feedback about this post.

Hope this post on how to change name in Aadhar Card helps you in the best way.

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