How to change BSNL Broadband Plan

Broadband companies are coming up with new offers every month. The plans that you opted for one year or six months ago might not be available today. Due to competition, the broadband companies are offering more data with longer validity to retain old customers and generate new customers. I am writing this post for the users of BSNL Broadband who want to get rid of the old plans and change it to the new plan. I will explain the complete process step-by-step on how to change BSNL Broadband Plan.

BSNL Broadband customer can now change their Broadband Plans from the comfort of their home without visiting any office or filling up any Plan-Change Form. BSNL Broadband Plan can now be change online sitting at home. Please follow the steps given below to change BSNL Broadband Plan online.

Change your BSNL Broadband Plan Online
You will have to use the BSNL Self-Care Portal to change your broadband plan online. You have to follow the steps below:

Step 1: Log-in to the Self-Care Portal
Open your Browser and type in
Log in using your Username and Password alongwith Captcha.
You can also log in using the OTP option.
You can now log in to Self-Care Portal using your Facebook and Google Sign-In as well.
Step 2: Open your Billing Profile Page in Self-Care Portal
After logging in to the Self-Care Portal, you will see your “My Accounts” page.
Click on your “Billing Account Number”.
Your Billing Profile Page will now be visible.
Step 3: Change your Broadband Tariff Plan
In the Billing Profile Page, you have to click on “Change Tariff Plan”. You will find it on your left-side menu under “Modify Services” section.
Now, a new page will open with showing four items in the Menu – Declaration, Service Type, Select Plan and Confirmation. These are the steps involved in changing your Broadband Plan online.
Step 4: Accept the Declaration
Click on the “Declaration” option in the “Modify Services” page.
You have to accept the terms and conditions by ticking the check-box stating “I have read and understood the stated terms and conditions.”
Click on “Next”
Step 5: Select the “Service Type” that you intend to change.
“Service Type” option window is now open.
You will see a drop-down list of Landline Numbers allotted to you.
Select the Landline Number under which your Broadband Service is provided by BSNL.
Then, Select the “Broadband” option in the “Landline/Broadband” field.
Click on “Next”
Step 6: Select your New Broadband Plan
“Select Plan” option window is now open.
You will see the Existing Plans and the New Plans available.
Select the “Existing Plan” that you wish to change.
Select the “New Plan” that you want to opt for.
Click on “Next”
Step 7: Confirm your Change of BSNL Broadband Plan
“Confirmation” option window is now open.
You will see your select “Existing Plan” & “New Plan” details in the window.
Click on “Submit Now” button to confirm the change you are requesting.
After clicking on “Submit Now” button, a Confirmation Page will open mentioning the Lead ID of your request.
You can track the status of your request using the Lead ID provided to you.
Step 8: Confirmation by Phone
After submitting your BSNL Broadband Plan Change request online, you will receive a call from BSNL to confirm your request of Plan-Change.
You should approve your Plan-Change request on the phone-call with BSNL.
BSNL will change your Plan within 24 hours after your approval.
Change your BSNL Broadband Plan by calling BSNL Customer Care
The other option available to change your BSNL Broadband Plan is to call BSNL Broadband Helpline No. 1504 and request them to change the BSNL Broadband Plan.

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