How to book Ola Cab online and offline

By Varghese David
Do you want to know how to book Ola Cab online or without app?

Booking a cab/taxi through Ola has become very easy nowadays.

Ola Cabs has increased its presence i and is now available in more than 110 cities.

It has become a convenient, safe & affordable way of traveling in major cities.

But, still there are people who would need help to understand the process of booking an Ola through Ola Cabs online or offline.

How to book Ola Cab using Ola Cabs App
The process of booking an Ola Cab through app is fairly simple.

Download and Install the Ola Cabs app through Play Store(for android users)/ App Store(for iOS users)
Open the Ola Cabs App.
You will see the “Welcome Aboard” screen where you have to enter your mobile number.
Ola will send you an OTP to verify your phone number. In most cases, Ola App will be able to auto-detect the OTP if the phone number used to register is on the same device that you used to sign up on Ola. If the OTP is not auto-detecting, you have to enter the OTP manually in the Ola app.
You can enter your Full Name, Email Address (optional) and Referral Code J5ZYW2 and click on “Register”.
The message will appear on the app screen – “Congratulations! Your Ola Account has been created.” You can click on “Continue” to enter your account.
While booking Ola Cabs, it is preferable to keep the Location access in your mobile phone ON, so that Ola app can detect your exact location for pick-up easily.
Now, Ola App has identified your Pick-up location using the GPS Co-ordinates of your mobile phone.
You can start with the cab-booking process now. There are few options available when booking cab on Ola. You can select Micro (small cars with 4 Passengers capacity), Mini (small cars with 4 Passengers capacity), Prime Sedan(Bigger Cars with 4-5 Passengers capacity), Prime SUV(SUVs with 5-6 Passengers capacity), Auto (3 Passengers capacity), etc.
Once you have select the type of Cab, you now have to enter the Pickup Location (auto-detected if you want to be picked up from your current location) in the “Pickup from” field. If you are entering the pick-up location manually, you should be specific with your address to avoid any confusion or delay in pick-up
Enter the drop location by entering the proper address of the destination where you want to go.
After entering the pickup and drop location, you have to select “Ride Now” to proceed with the booking on Ola App. If you want to ride later, there is an option to choose “Ride Later” and schedule the pickup as per your requirement.
After selecting the option “Ride Now”, the screen will show a message “Insure your Rides at Rs. 1 per ride”. If you want to activate it, you can tap on “Proceed with Insurance” button. If you don’t want to activate it, deselect the “Insure your ride” option and tap on “Proceed without Insurance”.
The App Screen will show the Fare for the chosen cab option (in our case – Mini) and comparative price on other cab option (maybe – Prime Sedan or Prime SUV). If you don’t want to change the cab type, tap on the “Confirm Booking”.
After selecting “Confirm Booking” option, the Ola App will start looking for available cabs and will choose the nearest cab for your ride. It will also show the waiting time for your cab to arrive at your location. You can also see the Vehicle Registration Number and photograph of the driver of the cab in your app.
You will also see an OTP on your App Screen which you have to provide to your driver at the time of pickup for verification of passenger.
If the cab does not arrive on time or you are unable to locate the driver, you can call the driver directly from the Ola App using “Call Driver” option on the App Screen.
Your ride will start as soon as you give the OTP to the Cab driver and after your ride is complete, you will receive a thank you message with the fare details in your Ola App.
You can pay the fare to the driver in cash or you can make the payment in the Ola App itself using Ola Money. If you want to pay using Debit/Credit Card, you will have to set up the Payment Method before the ride itself using Set Up Payment option in the App Screen.
Booking without app by using Ola website.
The steps involved in booking Ola Cab using Ola website is similar to the Ola App process.

Open the browser and type in
After opening the website, click on the “Book now” button on the top-right corner of the homepage.
Enter your pick-up address in the “From” field
Enter the destination address in the “To” field
Select the option “Now” or “Later” in the “When” field as per your requirement.
Choose your preffered option from the Available Rides.
Click on “Continue” button in the next page.
Enter your Mobile Number, click on the Recaptcha Button and click on “Next” button.
You will receive an OTP on the given mobile number. Enter the OTP.
Enter your Name, Email Address (optional) and Referral Code J5ZYW2.
Your Ola account is created and your ride is booked.
Ola will find the nearest cab for your ride. It will also inform you the vehicle number, driver details, OTP for ride-verification and waiting time for cab arrival.
When the cab arrives, you will have to provide the OTP to the driver before he can start the ride.
On completion of your ride, you will receive a message with the Fare Details. You will have to pay the driver by Cash or through other Payment method set up by you in Ola.
How to book Ola Cab offline
Let’s find out how to book Ola Cab offline.

Download and install the Ola App
Open the Ola App. OLA will auto-detect your location through OLA app.
You will have to choose the Cab type that you want to use.
Tap on the “Ride Now” button and click on “Confirm” button to confirm the booking.
On confirmation of booking from your side, the SMS will be sent automatically from your phone to OLA with location information. SMS Charges may be incurred by you so please keep adequate balance while booking OLA offline.
After the automatic message is sent from your phone, you will receive a message with list of nearest cabs with cab category.
Now, you have to select the cab category and reply back through SMS.
You will receive the driver details and cab details immediately in your SMS.
The cab driver will also receive your location details based on your mobile phone GPS co-ordinates.
That’s it. Your ride is booked.
The best way to book Ola Cab is to book it through OLA app online. If you have limited choice, then you can use other method to book OLA cab using other methods which I explained above.

Please do let us know your feedback on this post on how to book OLA cab online or offline.

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