How to block Airtel SIM Card

By Varghese David

For Airtel customers, there are some situations in which blocking your Airtel SIM Card becomes a necessity. You have either lost your mobile phone with Airtel SIM in it or you have lost the Airtel SIM itself. It is also possible that your mobile phone is stolen. In such cases, the first thing you have to do is to block your Airtel SIM Card. The reason to block your SIM Card is to prevent misuse of your Airtel SIM Card.

Steps to block Airtel SIM Card if it is lost or stolen
Please take the below steps to block your Airtel SIM Card in the right way:

Call the Airtel Customer Care to block your Airtel SIM Card. Since your SIM Card is lost or stolen, you will have to call from another mobile number. If you are calling from an Airtel number, you can call 121. If you are calling from a non-Airtel number, call 18001034444 (Toll Free Number). Follow the IVR to get to speak to the Customer Service Executive.
While speaking to the Customer Service Executive, it is possible that you will have to verify your SIM ownership by providing information regarding the recent calls made, last recharge amount, address, document number on the identity card, etc.
After verification of ownership of your SIM Card, the Airtel Executive will process your request to block the Airtel SIM Card issued to you. It take around a week for your SIM Card to get blocked.
The next step is to visit the nearest Airtel Store and submit a written request to block your old Airtel SIM Card and replace it by issuing a new SIM Card.
The Airtel Store Executive will guide you through the process. You will have to provide your Photographs, Proof of Identity & Proof of Address for KYC purpose.
You will have to pay the SIM Replacement charges.
After processing your request, the Airtel Executive will provide you with the new replacement SIM.
You can read on how to activate your Airtel SIM Card for the other steps.

If you have any further queries regarding blocking of Airtel SIM Card, please share the same in the comments section.

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