How Long does it Take to Complete an RN to BSN Program

By Varghese David

With the growing demand for nurses, it is a preferred career choice for a lot of people. There are many who are working as Registered Nurses after completing the Diploma or Associate’s Degree Program and would like to pursue further studies to advance their career. The best option available for them is to take RN-to-BSN Program. The Bachelor of Science in Nursing Program will help you to raise your position as well as income in your job. So, the question that comes to your mind is how long does it take to complete the RN-to-BSNL Program?

Registered nurses taking a Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing (BSN) will likely transfer 60 credits from the associate’s degree they hold. The amount of credit may vary depending on the university rules. Typically, it takes around two years to complete the RN-to-BSN Program. In some universities, it will take even less. And, if you go for the part-time courses, the time taken to complete the RN-to-BSN Program will increase to 3-4 years.

What are the benefits of taking a BSN Program for an RN?
If you take an RN-to-BSN Program, it will offer a lot of benefits after completion of your course. I have listed the few benefits here:

You can draw higher salary compared to the Registered Nurses. Typically, you will earn at least 10% higher than the Registered Nurses. Considering the earnings for a lifetime and it makes a huge difference.
The Government and Military Organizations prefer the nurses with BSN degree.
The Nurses with BSN degree have wider career choices in Management, Clinical Research, Advanced Patient Care, Teaching and more.
There are many job opportunities which are exclusively for BSN degree holders.
AACN recognized BSN as the minimum qualification for Professional Nursing Practice and want to increase the number of BSN degree-holders from 50% to 80% by 2020.
It is possible that the government might make it compulsory to have a BSN degree for many jobs in future. You can remain prepared for such times.
Can I Take the RN-to-BSN Program online?
There are many BSN Programs offered online for Registered Nurses. The duration of the course differs based on the university you choose. You can opt for full-time or part-time classes depending on your requirement. Many BSN Programs offer courses to study at your own pace. I have listed the25 BSN Programs offered online by different universities which you can complete quickly:

Sr. No. Name of the University Program Length Estimated Fees
1 University of Central Florida 9 months USD 5370
2 Cleveland State University 9 months USD 6480
3 University of Arkansas 9 months USD 8940
4 University of Texas Arlington 9 months USD 8995
5 Ohio State University 9 months USD 9360
6 University of Louisville 9 months USD 11625
7 Bowling Green State University 9 months USD 12170
8 University of Cincinnati 9 months USD 12480
9 University of Alabama Birmingham 9 months USD 15150
10 Northeastern State University 10 months USD 8899
11 University of North Carolina Wilmington 12 months USD 4867
12 Fort Hays State University 12 months USD 6570
13 University of Lousiana Lafayette 12 months USD 9500
14 Central Michigan University 12 months USD 12510
15 Columbia College 12 months USD 13500
16 University of Massachusetts Amherst 12 months USD 17550
17 Brandman University 12 months USD 18000
18 University of Saint Francis 12 months USD 18525
19 University of South Florida 13 months USD 3150
20 University of Southern Carolina 14 months USD 8900
21 Eastern Illinois University 14 months USD 9500
22 Arizona State University 14 months USD 10888
23 East Carolina University 16 months USD 6600
24 Old Dominion University 16 months USD 10680
25 Eastern Kentucky Universitgy 18 months USD 13340
How long does it take to complete an RN-to-BSN Program?
If you are considering to take the RN-to-BSN Program, the duration of the course will depend on whether you will study full-time or part-time. It will also depend on the university that you will choose. You can also opt for the online program or the face-to-face program. I have listed the fastest RN-to-BSN online program in this post.

From the RN-to-BSN Courses available, you can choose the duration of the course starting from 9 months up to 5 years.

If you are studying full time, you can complete the RN-to-BSN course from 9 month to 2 years.

If you are studying part time, you can complete the RN-to-BSN Degree Course from 3 years to 5 years depending on your pace.

How to choose the right RN-to-BSN Program?
The choice of the right RN-to-BSN Program will vary depending on the individual’s choices. I will suggest as under:

You should check the accreditation of the Program before selecting your course.
You should find out the total cost of Program including tution fee and other expenses.
If you can take the pressure of full time study without worrying about your current job, you can opt for the accelerated program of short duration. By taking this option, you can complete the course within one year and get back to working soon after completing the course.
If you want to continue with your job and still, want to pursue RN-to-BSN program at your own pace, choose from among the Part-Time Programs depending on the amount of time you can give to study.
Opting for a RN-to-BSN Program will be a wise decision to advance your nursing career. It will help you explore more areas in the nursing field. You can decide to invest your time & money now and earn more money for your remaining lifetime. Now, you know the time taken for completing a RN-to-BSN Program, you have the choice to decide for yourself whether to pursue it or not.

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