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By Varghese David

Fmovies is a movie-streaming website. You can watch hollywood movies, bollywood movies, TV Series, Netflix Series without any cost.

The website has different categories to browse & stream the movie of your liking. The website releases all the latest movies and is available to watch on their website for free without any registration. The movies on their website is streaming in HD quality. You can search for movies by genre, countries, movies, TV-Series, A-Z List, release and by the most-watched list.

If you don’t find the movie of your choice on Fmovies, you need not worry. You can submit a request on their website to add the movie of your choice.

How to use Fmovies
The government has banned Fmovies due to piracy concerns. The film industry has suffered huge losses due to websites like Fmovies. These type of websites releases all the latest movies immediately after the movie has screened in the Cinema Halls. As the movie is available free to watch on the internet, it affects the revenue of the producers of the movie. The movie producers end up with huge loss due to such websites. As a result, the government has been forced to ban these type of websites .

There are ways to access the website through VPN. VPN is a private network where you can browse any website without any restriction. You will have to subscribe to VPN service-provider in order to access such websites.

I must caution you that it is illegal to watch movies on Fmovies website as there is a ban on this site. As a responsible website, does not promote piracy.

There are many Fmovies website operating across the world. The only website which is working is All the latest movies is available for streaming on their main website But, this main website will not be able to stream the movies due to the restrictions placed on them. For the streaming to work , you should use the VPN service.

Movie Genres available
Fmovies streams movies of different genres including Action, Adventure, Animation, Biography, Costume, Comedy, Crime, Documentary, Drama, Family, Fantasy, Game-Show, History, Horror, Kungfu, Music, Mystery, Reality-TV, Romance, Sci-Fi, Sport, Thriller, TV-Show, War & Western.

You will find the movies from above genres available from all over the world in different languages from different countries.

Safest way to use Fmovies
I will share the method to use the Fmovies website in the safest way:

Subscribe to the best VPN Service-provider
Using the VPN, open the browser, enter the URL and visit the website from the IP address of the countries in which the website is not banned.
Make sure that the VPN Service-provider does not keep the log of you visits on their record. There are many VPN Service-provides who keep zero log of their customers as part of their product feature.
How to download movies on Fmovies website
The Fmovies website only provides streaming of movies & TV-series and does not allow you to download the movies through their website directly. To download the movies, you will have to use third-party applications to download the movie. You will find many video downloaders on the internet. You can use any downloader to download the movies from these type of websites.

Hope I have addressed all the issues concerning the access of Fmovies website. I have also shared the ways to use the website . You can also find the solution to download the streaming movies in this post. The best way to access these type of websites is to use the VPN services. Do not use proxies as it is not safe and the worst of all, the proxies are traceable by the government authorities.

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