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Are your looking for the process of setting caller tune in Airtel? Airtel provides plethora of options for its users to choose their favourite caller tune. But, the fact is most of the users don’t know how to set caller tune in Airtel. I thought that I should explain the process of setting caller int Airtel in detail in my blog. It would be really helpful to the Airtel users who are finding ways to set caller tune in Airtel.


Let’s start setting caller tune in Airtel in all possible ways available.

Set Caller Tune for free in Airtel using Wynk Music App

The first method I am sharing enables you to activate caller free in your Airtel Mobile Number absolutely free. Moreover, the caller tune activation process is extremely simple. For this method to work, you need to have a smartphone because it needs an App to be download on your phone. So, let me share the process:

  1. Open your PlayStore or AppStore on your mobile phone.
  2. Search and Install “Wynk” music app on your phone.
  3. Open the Wynk App and set the languages of the music you would like to listen.
  4. Register your Airtel Mobile Number on the Wynk App. OTP will be sent to you for validation during the registration process.
  5. After the registration process, the main Wynk screen will open. You can search for the song which you are looking to set as your caller tune in your Airtel Mobile Number.
  6. After finding your favourite song for caller tune, you have to select the song. You have the choice of playing the Preview Song to listen to the song that you are setting as caller tune. After finalizing the song, you have to tap on “Set as Caller Tune” icon.
  7. After tapping on “Set as Caller Tune” icon, you have to tap on “Activate for Free” button displayed in the App.
  8. Now, you will see a confirmation message regarding activation of caller tune. You have activated your favourite caller tune without any cost to you.

Set Caller Tune in Airtel using Airtel HelloTunes website.

The other easy method to set caller tune in Airtel is by visiting the Airtel HelloTunes Official Website. I have shared the details steps below:

  1. Open your browser and enter the url:
  2. Search your favourite song for the caller tune by entering Song Title, Artist, Album/Movie or Name Tune.
  3. After find your favourite caller tune or name tune, click on “Get it” button.
  4. You will have to enter your Airtel Mobile Number. Enter your Mobile Number.
  5. You will receive an OTP on your Mobile phone for validation of your Airtel Mobile Number. Enter the OTP received by you.
  6. Now, the Caller Tune Charges applicable is displayed for your favourite caller tune. You have to confirm the same to proceed for activation of caller tune.
  7. After confirming the caller tune charges, you will see a “Congratulations” message informing you that the Caller Tune has been activated.

How to set Caller Tune in Airtel using USSD Code

The USSD Code method is available for all users – for basic phone users as well as for smartphone users. I am sharing the process to set caller tune using USSD Code:

  1. Dial *678# from your Airtel Mobile Number.
  2. You will receive an instant message on your phone with different options.
  3. Select the appropriate choice and keep following the instructions on the message received after sending reply.
  4. After you have selected your favourite caller tune, your caller tune will be activated.

Set Caller Tune in Airtel by calling Customer Care Number

You have to follow the steps give below to activate your caller tune using the Customer Care Number of Airtel:

  1. Dial 543215 from your Airtel Mobile Number.
  2. Follow the IVR and select the correct options.
  3. After few steps of following IVR, you have to confirm your favourite caller tune.
  4. After your confirmation, the caller tune will be activated.

Hope the above methods of setting caller tune in Airtel would be helpful to you. For more information, please share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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