Best Helmets for Royal Enfield in India in 2019


With the increase in the number of two-wheelers in India, helmets have become a necessity for the rider’s safety & protection on road. If you look for helmets to buy online, you will find a lot of variety in build, color & shape of the helmet. It is important to buy the best helmet for your bike or two-wheeler based on the model & color of the bike you own. In this post, I am listing the best helmets for Royal Enfield bike models in India in 2019.

1. Steelbird Air SBA-2 Full Face Helmet – The Best Helmet for Royal Enfield

This sleek piece from Steelbird is the best helmet in terms of safety & style while riding Royal Enfield and other bullets. It has great look and comfort during the ride. The helmet is light-weight and stylish. You can interchange it’s visors for use in day & night as required. The helmet is sturdy & durable with great build quality and it is ISI-certified. The interior padding of the helmet is breathable making it great for long rides. It is available in seven different colours and in small, medium and large size.

2. Steelbird Air SBA-1 Matte Finish Full Face Helmet – The Second Best Helmet for Royal Enfield

This is another high quality ISI-certified helmet from Steelbird for use with your Royal Enfield bike. It looks cool. It has removable inner padding of great quality along with neck protector. The product offers great build quality with high impact ABS material providing the best safety standards to this helmet. The ventilation system in this helmet provides for air intake in the chin guard, in the frontal and top area. The helmet also provides two rear extractors to recycle the air inside the helmet. It also features a quick release visor mechanism kit. You can completely protect yourself from rain with this helmet. It is available in five colours, but it is available in medium and large size only.

3. Steelbird SB-27 Matt Battle Green with Plain Visor Helmet

Steelbird SB-27 Matt Battle Green is an ISI-certified helmet built from high impact ABS material. The helmet is light-weight. It has comfortable cushioning with detachable neck guard. The helmet features a polycarbonate-coated plain visor. It is very comfortable to use and as far as style is concerned, Steelbird SB-27 kills with the battle green color with matt finish. The helmet is available in only one color and in L(600 mm) size only.

If you are already using any of the products from our list of best helmets for Royal Enfield, please let us know your feedback about the product in the comments section.

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